Inferno The Inferno is a fantastic boomerang that is easy to throw and catch, great for new throwers or experts, the Inferno is sure to impress with it’s user forgiving nature.  The Inferno is a must have boomerang. Distance: 30 - 40  Meters. Great for new throwers. Made from polypropylene Price: $26.00 + postage. Champ We have been producing the Champ for many years, always a favorite due to it’s super reliability, the Champ is user friendly. Distance: 30 - 40 Meters. Made from ABS. Price: $26.00 + postage. Paragon A beautiful boomerang with a truly magical flight, easily weighted for increased distance.  The flight of the Paragon is very circular and low, this boomerang just keeps driving home. Distance: 40 - 50 Meters. Made from ABS. Price: $26.00 + postage. Spirit An all time classic, fantastic styling and an amazing flight to match, the Spirit really really gets out there, the super tight shaping really helps with easy catching. Distance: 40 - 50 Meters. Made from ABS. Price: $26.00 + postage. Blast Blast is a Blast !, an amazing boomerang that is tiny in size but really gets out there, you will be truly amazed by the performance of the Blast, spot on accuracy and superior wind handling capabilities are what you can expect from the Blast.  Perfect for the Aussie round event. Distance: 50 Meters. Made from PVC. Price: $30.00 + postage. Real Boomerangs are all handcrafted from high performance plastic.  We test all our boomerang products to ensure you are truly happy with your purchase.  All boomerangs come packaged with instructions and tuning tips. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee or replacement, postage is to be paid by the purchaser. Disclaimer: In no way is Real Boomerangs responsible for the misuse of our boomerang products, it is the full responsibility of the purchaser/thrower to ensure the safety of people and public property when throwing any Real Boomerang product. Tornado The Tornado is fantastic for the accuracy event or just having fun.  The amazing thing about the Tornado is how accurate it is, the Tornado features holes in each wing tip to slow it down. Distance: 20 Meters. Made from PVC. Price: $30.00 + postage.

Altitude Altitude is a fantastic trick catch boomerang, featuring a super stable hover. easy to catch, you cant lose with an Altitude, perfect for recreational or competition throwing. Distance: 20 - 30 Meters. Made from polycarbonate. Price: $24.00 + postage.