BOOMERANG THROWER  The Boomerang Throwing Experts.
Here are some links that we think are an excellent source for boomerang enthusiasts: Skilltoyz A fantastic range of sport boomerangs are for sale from makers all around the world at this amazing  shop, everything for new throwers right through to expert throwers is available.  Skilltoyz are the also the European distributor for Real Boomerangs range of boomerangs. Return 2 thrower A site dedicated to boomerang throwing, the site is run by enthusiasts Manny, Charles, and Phnxhawk, these guys are creative and enthusiastic about boomerangs, the site is well worth a visit. The Boomerang Man A fantastic business owned and operated by Richard Harrison, he has been selling an amazing range of boomerangs since 1975, Rich also carries the complete range of Real Boomerangs.  If you want excellent service and a wide range of boomerangs at great prices contact rich.