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“I have been throwing boomerangs for over 30 years and have thrown a lot of boomerangs from makers around the world, I have tried them all, some good some bad, I consider Adam Carroll to make most consistent performance boomerangs on the market today, I wouldn’t go in a competition without them, they are that good” Peter Lewry N.S.W, Australia
Adam Carroll makes some of the best boomerangs in the world! From super-quick Fast Catch models to beautiful long range Aussie Round models,to really good MTA's, Real Boomerangs make them all! The Ayr has one of the most beautiful flight paths out of any boomerang I have ever seen. Nice and round, it hunts the center circle for great accuracy. I set my record of 96/100 in 2007 using an Ayr. But once the wind picks up to gale force, only one boomerang will handle the wind... Blast! On days where no other boomerang will land within 30 meters of the thrower, Blast managed to land in the scoring circles on every throw. But if Aussie Round isn't your game, and you prefer something fast, you can't go past the Fireball and Velocity. These boomerangs are really easy to tune, and super fast! My best times in this event have been done using these two boomerangs. If it's MTA's you want, the best times will usually come from expensive carbon fiber models. I never even thought I'd go back to other materials until I tried their phenolic MTA's. I was amazed at the height, consistency in flights, and they're ability to handle the wind. My first throw with the Oxygen was timed at over 45 seconds! I'll never enter a competition without these boomerangs in my kit! Tim Lendrum N.S.W,  Australia
I am a recreational boomerang thrower from Melbourne, Australia. These boomerangs are excellent. From my first 'Ayr' boomerang in 1997, the quality has been maintained and their new designs continue to push the accuracy of their boomerangs to a new level. It is a wonder that they can make and sell the boomerangs for the price that they do.  I have had a lot of enjoyment throwing their 'Tornado' boomerang. It goes out the required 20 metres and comes back to the spot from where I threw it...amazing! This would make a great boomerang for the accuracy competition. The 50 metre 'blast',  it is radically good fun! It is quite a small tri blader, it is it goes and back for an easy catch...Now turn away if you are an old fashioned thrower..."I'm starting to think that three wings may be the way to go in the Aussie Round event , I find the Ayr boomerang to also be a great 50 metre Aussie Round boom and I will experiment further to see which one of the two I prefer. Last week, I was watching a friend throw a Bambino it is small but surprisingly goes out a long way and again returns with ease. Very nice! Martin Smith Melbourne, Australia
I’ve been teaching myself to throw boomerangs since late 2014 on a recreational basic. The “Mozzie” was my first order from Adam Carroll and it’s a great boomerang for beginners. I’ve since collected most of Adam Carroll’s range and thoroughly enjoy throwing each one for their unique flight, performance and application. I’ve gained a lot of enjoyment with the “Spirit” due to the amazing, low circular flight, long range and easy catch. The “Kick Ass” has also been a favourite all-rounder of mine for its easy throw-and-catch. But for a short range, fast boomerang the “Tornado” and “Velocity” are truly awesome as they are amazing to watch in flight and return to the thrower really consistently. I wouldn’t look anywhere else as the quality and performance is remarkable!! Jacob Heppell  Australia.
One of the pleasures of throwing boomerangs as a group, is trying new boomerangs: you can only guess so much from reading a web page!  So I am eternally grateful to Gerard Toribio and Manny Olivares of “Alacrity boomerangs” for suggesting I try out their Adam Carroll “Kick-Ass” boom when I met to throw with them in LA, Spring 2015.  The range and consistency I got with the “Kick- Ass” came as quite a shock -and it remains my favourite 50m+ Aussie-Round boom!  Since then, I always pass on the favour when I meet and throw with others.   Bill Hirst Amsterdam
I have experience throwing boomerangs for a few years and recently I was trying to find some advanced boomerangs to improve my skills, I found the Adam Carrolls Boomerang Thrower website and after reading a couple of good reviews and info about the Bambino and the Ayr boomerangs I decided to make a purchase. The boomerangs didn't disappoint at all and throwing them has been a lot of fun and also challenging, thus us what I was looking for. I also purchased the Oxygen MTA, I was able to get around 37 seconds out of this boomerang when I managed to throw it without wind. It comes pre-tuned so it was easy to get started. Other boomerangs I purchased were the Punk and the Twister., two great boomerangs which I have really enjoyed. Overall the boomerangs are are very well finished with awesome colours and quality materials. Not to mention the excellent customer service they provide. Juan Queensland